Stephanies garderob

Här får vi se in i Stephanies Garderob :D

Jag tycker alltid sånt är lika kul :D

The Tyra Show

Video med Stephanie

Stephanie berättar

Stephanie är med i en intervjuv där vi får tjyvtitta i hennes handväska :)

The Hills star, 23, told us all about the five must-have essentials inside her Miu Miu studded leather handbag, which included her stuffed Balenciaga wallet and her Twitter-friendly Blackberry.

What else can't she leave home without?

"Sunglasses," she says, holding up her $60 pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs shades. "I'm from L.A.!"

The star also packs dozens of lip glosses and mini perfume bottles by Jacobs and Stella McCartney because "you never know what boy you're going to meet" and you "have to smell good."

Pratt doesn't just love her carry-alls. She personally designed three of the purses she wears on the upcoming season of The Hills. To check them out, tune into the hit MTV reality series, which premieres on Tuesday.


Igår va Stephanie på Maxim party på Ecco Ultra Lounge i Hollywood.

Angående den nya säsongen säger hon
: “If she’s going in the direction she’s going, which is a non-Justin Bobby direction, it’s great, because maybe Audrina can somehow work it [their problems] out,. But if she’s going in that direction, that means she’s possibly gonna be dating someone that I don’t like, and that’ll be hard.”

Tycker inte hon va fin i ansiktet här.. för mycket operationer kanske?  ;) Hon gör som sin bror och hans fru ;)


MTV Shows

Stephs läppar

Före och efter, ni ser va???

Steph sööt

Igår va Stephanie på Coffee Bean i Hollywood :)

Grymt söt va hon iallafall!!


Jag tycker det finns en viss skillnad här...

Näsan iallfall.. sen ser det ut som hon har dragit bak skinnet lite hahha :P

Hur lång tid??

Hur lång tid tror ni det tar innan Stephanie kommer göra bröstförstoring, precis som Heidi?
Eller tror ni inte det kommer hända?

Stephanie på catwalken

Stephanie va med på Celebrity Catwalk charity event.

Angående Spencer, Heidi och barn säger Stephanie:

“Heidi is the one with the baby fever; Spencer is not.  Here’s the deal: Basically, Heidi got married ... She’s like, ‘Thank you, God, for my marriage. What do I do?’ I really feel like she went to a bookstore and saw Newlyweds: The Wife’s Edition, and so now she’s like, ‘I still want to get a house with a white picket fence...and then probably a dog, and then we’ll move on to kids. And I want to take cooking lessons.’”


It's On with Alexa Chung - MTV Shows

Stephanie igen

Igår va Stephanie i MTV lokalerna i New York. Hon va med på “It’s On With Alexa Chung”

“Heidi looks bangin’ [in Playboy], but even better was her Miss Universe [performance] last night,”
“Freaked out. ... I was on a stool, just, like, ‘I cannot wait for this!’ I love ‘Body Language.’ Blown away. She’s never looked better. I thought she did absolutely amazing. I think she really could have blown it, and I really think this is a career possibility.”

“When I first met her, she said she wanted to be a pop star, and this was like three years ago, Who really can be a pop star unless you’ve been singing and dancing forever? We’ve never seen Heidi take a dance class or anything like that.”


Stephanie va på the third annual Bow Wow WOW Howlywood i LA i helgen.

Tidigare på dagen sågs hon på Valerie’s Beauty Salon i Beverly Hills då hon sminkade sig inför kvällen.

Om Heidis uppträdande kommenterade hon på Twitter
“Heidi you f’ing did it! U embodied my hero Britney Spears… You are an unbeliveable performer!!! Wow!! U looked so hot too!”

Stephanie gillar klubba

Igår va Stephanie på the Griffin.
Hon hade med sig en Sugar Factory Couture Lollipop,
Det är sån klubba som massa kändisar brukar bära runt på..
Sjukt söt klänning!

Spencer en bättre människa

Så här säger Steph om Spence nu

“Since the wedding, he’s happier and nicer than anyone, He just took my mom and dad out to dinner the other night. He’s been a great guy,”
“He’s just completely different. They’re in bed at 9pm reading!”

Steph med pöjken

Igår va Stephanie ute med sin pojkvän och några vänner runt SoHo i New York.

RÖKARE är hon oxå :P

Steph New York

Stephanie är nu i New York. Hon va på Topshop i Soho igår eftermiddag.

Hon tog kort med fans osv.

I helgen va på på Lia Sophia Jewlery Clambake i Malibu. Pressen sa att att Stephanie hade sagt
"Nothing but nice things to say" om Lauren.

Men senare berättar en källa att Steph sa till en kompis att Lauren:
"Was not missed" och att programmet va "much better whitout her"



Stephanie på stranden

Igår va Stephanie i San Diego på stranden.
Vad tycker ni om hennes baddräkt?

Stephanie OP

Igår va Stephanie på Mel’s Diner. OP Lanserade deras nya kampanj OPen Campus.

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